Jan 26, 2012

Spirograph Modern Art

I'm the kind of person who can get bored just sitting still. My hands have to be doing something. 
So yesterday while listening to my Dutch lesson/audio companion, I broke out the our Spirograph kit! 
I used a black pen and layered a ton of Spirographs over each other. And then I colored in random bits! 

So. Fun. 

You should try it sometime! And if you don't have Spirographs, may I suggest just scribbling all over a paper with a black pen, and then coloring that in? I've done that before, and it is quite entertaining and cool looking as well. :)


  1. I love the look of spirographs! Have you ever heard of zentangles? LOVE those too. :)

    1. Hey! Yes, I have heard of zentangles! I love them! Even tried my hand at it a couple times. It's so much fun just to doodle around! :)

  2. Um... I really like this. And I really like your photos, too. :) I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go do something like this now.

  3. totally agreed. I have never used those before, but I love scribbling and then coloring them in. :)) lovely. :)) may I juts say, you have such a cool name.


  4. I'd completely forgotten about those but they were so much fun when I was a kid... Wonder what happened to them?!

  5. Ooooh when I was a kid, I used to play with the Spirograph thing ALL. THE. TIME. Wonder if it's still lying around in the attic, maybe I should take a look?

  6. I did that when I was little too! *Couch couch* Not like I'm little anymore or anything.


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