Oct 25, 2013

Adventuring where you are

So here's the thing.
My posts are gonna be sporadic. Because school. Because SO much school. 
However. I still adore blogging and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. So hang in there peeps! :)

A few weeks ago (this shows how busy I am ... haven't had time to blog it until now!) my sister hijacked me away from school and took me on a bike ride. Halfway through she gets this mischievous grin and says, "I have an idea." 
I love it when she does that. :D

Before I knew it, we had ended up at moxie java for coffee. Unstyled hair, tired school eyes and brain, and very ready for a vacation. 
An urban sister's date. 
The best. :)

We sipped our coffee and took pictures of everything and admired architecture and people-watched ... and you know? It felt like a real live vacation. I don't know about you, but we never just go out for coffee in our own town. I don't know why; we have a beautiful downtown area that feels almost as exciting as visiting a new city. 
Taking the time to sit in the sun and breathe in the urban atmosphere ... it was needed.

Street art! 

This is my blissful face:

And this is my that-face-looked-dumb-I-crack-me-up face. ;)

Taking time to notice reflections and details:

It's emptyyyyyy. :(

And then we biked slowly home, leaves skittering across the road on that Indian-summer day.

On a side note, we passed this abandoned factory.
I've been wanting to go into it for like, years now.
Maybe one day ...
(Ok, probably not. But in my dreams? Definitely.)

I highly suggest taking time to be a tourist in your own town sometime. Just doing something that you normally save for vacations only (going out for coffee, sitting on a restaurant patio, taking pictures of everything) really makes those short minutes/hours seem like a true restful adventure.

I don't know why we all forget to enjoy where we are ...