Jan 10, 2012

Boot makeover!

So I've had this pair of boots forever, and my sister had them forever before me. 
The only thing I wore them for was horseback riding at a friends house.
But then one day, I realized that they were kinda cute, and could be updated a bit.
So here's what I did! 

Before again:

First I cleaned off the ... erm, horsiness ... and then I gave them a good polish.
And then I made the fancy lining for them!

Step 1. Cut the cloth to fit inside the boot. Fold the seams back, and pin on top.

2. Sew around the piece on top, using a fancy stitch if you want. I wanted. :)

3. Pin inside boot.
Pins. They're a pain, but it's more of a pain trying to sew without 'em. :P

4. Thread a curved needle, and tie a big ole knot on the end. If you use thread that matches your cloth, the stitches will hardly show.

5. Poke the needle up from the back of your new lining.

6. Poke the needle back down through the cloth, making a small, neat stitch.

7. Pick up a bit of the original boot lining.
Aaannnd ... repeat steps 5-7, coming up from the back, going down through the cloth, picking up original boot lining. Go all the way around your new lining, and tie a knot at the end.

8. Optional. My hand sewing is ... less than fantastic, so I decided to put a bit of fabric glue underneath any places I missed/didn't get pulled tight. Hold in place with clothes pins until dry.

9. Fold down the tops of the boots so your cool new lining shows.

10. Wear new fancy boots and feel ... well, fancy! 

And one pic with crazy socks. Cuz that's how I roll!

Oh, and there's one slight problem with this project that I didn't foresee ...
I don't want to use these for riding anymore.
Guess I'll have to find another pair of old boots somehow!

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  1. super cute! I love that fancy stitch too. ;)

  2. You better not use that as an excuse to strut instead of ride next time you come over.


    But they are adorable.


  3. i love this idea... the shoes look awesome!!

  4. I really think you are just the cutest thing ever. I absolutely love your blog, and you are so pretty! :)

  5. I love it! Great upcycling project for your shoes!

  6. great idea!! and nice blog, too

    check out mine --> http://elvche.blogspot.com/

  7. This is so cute! Love the idea! :)

  8. Adorable! I would have never thought to make them myself!


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