Jan 30, 2012

Of weekends and watercolor teabags

The weekend.

:: a four day visit from a faraway friend :: used bookstores :: impromptu birthday parties :: chocolate cake :: Christmas presents in January :: choir concerts :: watching Emma :: popcorn & tea :: River City Church :: getting hugs from little children and being told that one of their Barbies is still named after me :: introducing my good friends to each other for the first time :: a car packed with some of my favorite people :: ice skating :: realizing how many people I know and being thankful that I'm not really the new girl anymore :: puns & sarcasm :: sleepovers and praying together in the dark :: 

It was a full and wonderful weekend. 

And I'm tired. 
I need to be alone.
I skip ballet.
I finish a painting. Experiment. Stain portions of the paper with actual tea in addition to the watercolor.

Sometimes it is good to be alone. Quiet.

{Better is a handful of quietness than two hands full of toil and a striving after wind.}


  1. Inna, that is a beautiful water color painting! and I love tea and being alone.

  2. Love it. I like that you used tea as well - good idea.

  3. Much.

    Mmmm. Thank you! And I'm glad you had some aloneness.

  4. Beautiful paiting!


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