Jan 4, 2012

a perfect dance

A few weeks ago, my family and I decided to go to the swing dancing club in town. It was our first time swing dancing, and it was amazing! 
The odd thing about swing is, that there are individual steps to learn, but they are not danced in any particular order. The guy is the leader, obviously, and he chooses which steps to do next. The girl has to follow. 
Since it was my first time, I didn't always know what the guy wanted me to do. And let's face it, it got kinda messy sometimes. :P 
But every once in a while, something would click, and I could follow along perfectly. That's when it felt like we were really dancing, flying and twirling to the peppy big-band music!

Later that week something struck me.
Life is like a dance. God leads us. If we resist his lead, pull away, do our own thing, it gets messy. But if we just let God take over, relax and follow his lead, life becomes a perfect dance. 
Dancing is special to me, so the idea of life being a dance with God just makes my heart happy. 

I emailed one of my best friends and told her about my thoughts. She wrote back, 
"You know what is amazingly interesting about your flash of insight? I keep a prayer journal and that is almost exactly what I have written down for you! 'God, please continue to LEAD Inna with excitement and let her live even more by your Spirit.'"

Sometimes God amazes me. The thoughts he gives us, the little "coincidences", perfect timing, His divine sense of humor
I bet He has fun planning these things for us. *Grin*

For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.
Romans 8:14

However, there is one place where my analogy falls flat. Guys don't always lead us very well ... but God does. And sometimes if you're doing an aerial,  well ... the guy kinda drops you. ;) 
{Aerials are any swing move where the guy picks you up and either swings you around, throws you in the air, flips you etc. They're amazingly fun!}

Here is a rather embarrassing but still awesome video to entertain you. It's my brother and I practicing our first aerial in the living room. *Grin*


  1. Wonderful post! I love how God links things together like that. I bet He sits and heaven and just smiles when we come across all the little things He does for us. ;)


  2. This post and the video make me smile! :)

  3. Dawwwwe! I wonder who said that to you? I bet she loves you though. Must be a special friend.

  4. Makes me worry less when I know God is leading and I just have to follow along.

    Funny video too...keep practicing because I expect a flawless demonstration when I see you next. :)

  5. Good Illustration. Yes, God does do ariels with us sometimes doesn't he. And yes, guys do not lead perfectly. Something like, "man makes his plan, and hopes the girl can follow his lead."


  6. Great post, I love the illustration! Hopefully God leads better than Ben too, muahahaha!

  7. i'm so glad you had fun swing dancing. i ballroom dance and absolutely LOVE it. :)


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