Jan 12, 2012

1 minute ear cuff

Are you ready for a DIY that pretty much anyone could do in one {repeat: one} minute?
Well, here ya go then! 

Grab a small paper clip:

Bend it around a skinny pencil thusly:

What is it, you ask? 
An ear cuff, of course! 

Slips on and off easily. 
No piercing required. 
Super cute.

Win, win, win! 

P.S. I'm in the process of adding an about and project page! I think they're almost done, though I might touch 'em up a bit more later. :)
If you notice that any of the links aren't working etc, please let me know! 

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  1. EEE. It's so cute! You're so creative... you should write a book of all your tutorials. I will buy it!

  2. that's a nice tutorial!! I'll try do it, thanks for sharing =)

  3. Hmmm. Very nice. Only I usually wear my hair down. But I'll appebrate on that one.

    You know I tried to make a hair pin out of a paperclip. It sorta worked...for a minute or two.

    Then it fell out.

    Oh well. It served the purpose for the time I needed it to.

  4. so i read this awesome post during english class while the teacher was passing out old papers and just my luck, he offered us all a paperclip to hold our papers together. There was only one colored (RED) one left, thus was the fastest time u would have ever seen me run to a teacher's desk lol :) it worked out lovely


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