Nov 30, 2010

Epic typo!

I was just reading in a history book about Jan Hus, and I found a super epic typo!

"When he refused to renounce his books and errors, he was throne into prison."

A picture for proof:

Hehehe!! Ahhh! That's good. "Throne" into prison, eh?
Might as well say "he was the ornate seat a King or Queen sits on for formal occasions, usually placed on a raised dais in the throne room into prison."

Nov 29, 2010

Something stupid

Note to self: when suffering from severe cases of cabin fever (and it's not even December! *gulp*)claustrophobia and frustration, doing something stupid usually helps to relieve the pent up tension.
Especially if that stupid something is decided upon spontaneously at approximately 10:00 p.m.
And especially if that stupid something includes recruiting an unnamed brother/partner in crime, rolling up your pants, taking off your socks, and charging barefoot into the blizzardly night. Much hysteria and screeching are, unfortunately, unavoidable.

Nov 28, 2010


I just love this picture! It looks like it should be from an old WWII magazine. I love all their jolly grins and they guy wagging his finger, "Tut, tut!"

Oh, and the doctor using a giant needle to mock puncture a dude? Yeah. That's Opa, my grandpa. :) And yes he was a real doctor.

Nov 26, 2010

Stuff and randoms...

Ahhh sad day. I wanted to take some pictures of things to post about, but my sister took all of her cameras with her today so I am left without a way to take pics! Ugh. What kind of sister takes her OWN cameras ... well, uh. Yeah. I guess it kinda makes sense. Never mind. :)
So anyways. It's time for a new post, but since I can't post any pictures that I've taken, I'll post some stuff and randoms for your entertainment. :)

1. This video is pretty sweet. :)

2. Ever wondered how to get to the USA from China?? Well wonder no more. My brother showed me how on Google Maps. And I shall tell you. After a lot of "Turn left on ramp blah blah blah" and "Take the exit" and stuff like that, the directions say this (and I kid you NOT):
"Turn left at Kuilima Dr.
Turn right.
Kayak across the Pacific Ocean"


Erm ... what was that last one again??? o_O
*Bursts out laughing*
That's epic. :-D

3. Ever heard of a Gerenuk? No?
I hadn't either.
But it's a real animal! Isn't it cute??? I gasped when I saw a picture of it for the first time. Just look at those stick legs!

4. While we're on the subject of weird animals, how about an Okapi? I just love crazy animals. :)

 5. And one last crazy animal for you. The Zedonk. And no, I am not making this up. And no, neither did Dr. Seuss. A Zedonk is half zebra, half donkey. And my reaction is half "o_O" and half "Awwwee". :)

(All the animal pics I got off of Google)

6. Watch this flash mob! Just in case you are totally out of the loop, a flash mob is basically when hundreds of people rehearse a performance of some kind, usually a silly song or dance, in secret. And then they go into a random place like a park or train station and start performing! It's HILARIOUS to watch people's reactions!!!! I was sitting at the computer all by myself watching this one, giggling out loud. Wheeeee!!!! XD
Totally and seriously want to be in a flash mob. Really badly! I just love all the energy, the randomness and the happiness! Hahahah! :)

Nov 18, 2010

What's the pointe?

Yay!!! My new Pointe shoes came in! Aren't they pretty pretty pretty??
This is how they came:

 And this is after Mom sewed the ribbons and elastic on!

 And such a momentous occasion deserved an entry in my art journal. But, since it's an art journal, I can't just write about it! So I drew a picture instead. :)

My old Pointe shoes still fit really well, but I still needed new ones. Wanna know why?
Okee-dokes. I'll show you.
Compare my old shoes (on the left ... OK, yeah. Duh. That's kinda obvious!) to my new ones. The toe box (It's the hard box that you put your toes into, and it supports your feet) on my old shoes was getting really worn out. As you can tell, it looks kinda mushy and flattened out. And that's bad, cuz then it doesn't support my feet anymore! *Gasp!*

 And also, the shank (stiff leather part on bottom of the shoe that also plays a big part in supporting the foot) was really worn out. As you can see, I could bend it really far (Makes me think of a noodle).

 And my new ones can't do that.The shank is much stiffer and therefore gives more support!
I keep talking about support, and you might be wondering. Basically if the shoe supports you, it takes almost all of the weight and pressure. If it doesn't, your feet take the pressure. Let's just say, ouch!

 So that's why I needed new ones.
And while we're on the subject of Pointe, did you ever wonder how Pointe shoes are made? Well wonder no more. Ta-da!

Oh, and while we're still on the subject of Pointe, I'll show you two of my favorite pictures from this summer! :) My sis took some pics of me on Pointe for my birthday present.

Note to self: when being too lazy to put tights on all the way for pictures, rolling up your jeans and waddling around with the tights on your knees works quite well. Just be sure to crop in the picture.


Nov 13, 2010

Pretty Pictures

I just love this plant. No idea what it's called, but aren't the colors pretty??

Nov 11, 2010

Epic Doodle

I have been working on an epic doodle in my new art journal! Unfortunately, I ran out of room going to the right. I could have gone on and on and on! But I didn't want to fill up the left side, otherwise it would have become a very obnoxious doodle. :)

Mmmmm. It felt so good to just let the pen wander...

Nov 8, 2010

Funky Hoodie Giveaway!

Hey people! Wanna get a chance to win a super cool hoodie? (Sorry if there's any guys out there, this is kinda a girlie hoodie.) There's a giveaway here. Too bad it's such a popular blog though. There's already like 315 entries. :) But who knows ... *waggles eyebrows*
[Edit: make that close to 800 entries by now. o_O]

Nov 6, 2010

Art Journal

Just as finding a good first blog post is difficult, making a good first page in a new art journal has a strange ammount of pressure. :)
I have been putting it off for a while now, hoping a good idea would come to me. And it did:

Look out art journal of mine! You're soon to be filled with randomness.
And look out blog! Cuz if I absolutely love any of my drawings or doodles, I'll probably post about them. :)