Jan 27, 2014

Thrifted Dress --> Infinity Scarves

Sunday afternoon and it was blizzarding out. What to do, what to do. 
After pacing around for an hour or so I finally sat down with a project I've been meaning to do for a long time. It's the sitting-down-to-start part of projects that always gets me. Once I'm working it's fun, I just have to get through a lot of resistance first. :P 
Creativity probs. 

Anyway, this is a dress that I thrifted agggessssss ago. I originally wanted to restyle it into a skirt that fit properly, but quickly decided that was too much work. (I'm kinda really super lazy. Don't tell.) 

Sooooo ... I decided for an easier use of this cute fabric. Infinity scarves!

First I cut off the band on top.

Then I separated the lining from the outside with a seam ripper.

And here they are, two pre-looped infinity scarves!
Super easy.

I could have just left it there, but the raggedy edges were kinda bothering me. (Laziness and perfectionism is an unfortunate combination, let me tell you.)
And besides, I had already gone through all the work to set up my sewing machine. Couldn't let that go to waste. ;)

I just did a super easy hemmety-hem-hem. Didn't even bother putting in pins. Cuz I'm such a good seamstress. (Read: Too much work. Am I sensing a theme here?)

After the hemming, I went back over it and snipped the raw edges as close to the seam as I could. Gotta make it look neat, wot. 

And ta-da! A cute candy-striped infinity scarf. 

Worn doubled: 

Even the lining made a cute summer-weight white scarf! 
[Aannnd this is where I started having too much fun with weird lighting, focus, framing, and photo combinations. Oops.]

And project bonus! The drawstring makes a cute headband. :)

Overall, this was a super simple and fun afternoon project. Plus, using a thrift-store item is one of the cheapest ways to get cute fabric!
Have you ever remade a thrifted item?

Jan 15, 2014

Snow Dragon!

After -50 degrees windchill last week, 40 degrees felt positively balmy. I mean, seriously. That's 90 degrees warmer within a week. Crazy Minnesota. -_-

To celebrate the warmth, we went to a park with a bunch of friends. It turned into a t-shirt & mittens, snowball fight, and snow-dragon-building kinda Sunday afternoon. A bunch of pals making something together just for the heck of it. Seriously can't get much better than that, guys.

*Photos from various iPods & phones among the group. Some days simply do not require fancy cameras or fancy words to make them appear lovely. They just are. :)

Evening shadows at 3:30.

We left cold and wet and rosy happy, congratulating ourselves on the completion of one dang epic dragon. If we do say so ourselves. 

Have you ever built anything crazy out of snow (or sand, for that matter)?