Aug 28, 2013

Watch jewelry

Well, I finally finished making three necklaces out of the watch parts in my last post!

The first one I made was using the big piece from the Bulova wristwatch. I simply attached it to a chain with a tiny piece of wire. 

All the chains I used were thrifted. Even the most expensive one was under two dollars! They are really nice quality and have more character than brand new ones, which fits well with the style I was going for.

For the second one, I simply put the watch face back into the case of the Ingersoll Junior pocket watch, and attached it to a chain. The watch is empty now, making it lighter and allowing me to use the gears for another necklace. 

For the final necklace (my absolute favorite one!) I glued some of the gears from the Ingersoll together using clear nail polish. Then I used small metal rings to attach the charm to a studded chain.

I had so much fun breaking out the necklace making supplies again! I just might have to share more jewelry ideas soon. :)


  1. So cool! I love all of them especially the big one with the long chain.

  2. I love watch necklaces, but the gear necklase is my favorite. It's different, I haven't seen one like it yet.


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