Aug 10, 2013

Pixie cut!!

So a few months ago I got this idea that I wanted to get a pixie cut. 
And you know what?
Sometimes those kinds of absurd ideas never leave my head until I actually do them...


Here I am! Before and after chopping off 13 inches of curls! :D

I actually went to the salon by myself and made it a personal adventure. Sitting in the waiting room. Staring down a pixie cut. Alone. O_O

It was awesome. :D

Great Clips does the haircuts for free if you donate your hair to locks of love.
I definitely didn't go into it like, I want to donate my hair, therefore I will chop it off. It was more like, I want to chop my hair off, I might as well donate it. 
Yeah, I know. So selfless. :P

Once I sat down, the lady put my hair into 4 separate ponytails. Then she looked at me and asked if I was ready. Oh, yes. My heart was definitely galloping as she snipped and my hair was gone! The point of no return. Shaking my head and feeling so light and free and adventurous. It's actually a bit silly how exhilarated I felt!

This is how my haircut looked right afterwards. 
I liked it at first, but the more I looked at it the more I wasn't so sure. The lady had styled it very straight and professional looking, and that is just not me. Plus the back was a bit too long for me to feel like it was a true "pixie". 

So what did I do? 
Well, I did what any normal girl would.
I sat down and gave my sister a scissors. :)
She cut the back to make it a true pixie, and then I followed that up by getting my hair wet and messing it up so the curls came through again. 
Much more artsy.
Much more me. 

I do rather think I love it.

What can I say?
I love doing things that are slightly ridiculous. Life is an adventure! Go for the drastic haircut, yo. Why not?

P.S. One of the best parts was shocking all my friends. ;)


  1. Oooohlala, I really like it! And yay for donating! My hairdresser chopped off 15cm of my hair recently, and I was also so thrilled - even though your hair was even longer and is now waaaaay shorter. It looks so good on you!

  2. I love it! I've been wanting to get a pixie for years now, but I want to wait until I'm a bit older. You look gorgeous, I love the style. :) But it is true, and a little silly, the sort of things that exhilarate us, like chopping off hair or going down waterslides for the first time.

  3. I like your old look better, but this one is cute two. And your sisters great at making a tamed pixie cut into a wild cute pixie cut!!!


  4. You look like Jor-boy in that, methinks.

    Anyway. You can't cut adorable.

  5. Um - I LOVE IT. It's very cute. You are such an inspiration to me to do crazy, fun things.

  6. The pixie suits you perfectly! You look absolutely adorable, and the curls will certainly make you stand out! Love it :)

  7. Haha cool! I cut a pixie at myself last summer, and I did sidecuts too. Lol, now I´m trying to grow my hair out :')


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