Aug 12, 2013

Art journal: Living with a New Pixie

Art journal entry July 22nd 

Color pencil on brown paper

Living with a New Pixie:
the Beginner's Guide

  • Continually scratch your head and surprise your fingers at the lack of hair every time.
  • Fill your palm with a normal amount of mouse, use what you need, and be left with a sticky hand heaping full of unused product.  
  • Rest your head back against something and expect to hit your ponytail.
  • Roll over in bed, lifting your head and trying to flick your hair out of the way with a practiced movement you didn't even realize you had.
  • Enjoy shoving your head under the faucet and having your hair dry within 20 minutes instead of 2 hours.
  • Be surprised every single time you put on a sweater or put a camera strap around your neck and your hair doesn't get caught underneath it. 
  • Realize that bedhead is a rather unforeseen issue. You can't just fix that with a ponytail anymore. Seriously, guys. It's a major problem. 
  • Make sure it is at least a month before you remember that a tiny dot of conditioner is quite enough, thank you very much.
  • And finally, give it time. It will take about a week before you and your new hair figure each other out. Your hair won't lay right for the first few days, and you won't know how to style it. You have committed to your hair. Be patient and soon you will settle into a new, happy healthy routine! [What is this? Relationship advice for you and your hair?!]


  1. Great relationship advice! Too bad I have really curly pixie cut is possible with curly hair :(.

    Great Drawing


  2. Love your drawing :) I've had a pixie for almost a year now, and bedhead is a serious problem! I feel your pain! Except at this stage, I often just give up and show up at college however I woke up. And that's when I seem to get the most compliments. It's very odd. I have a tip- I read once on the beauty department that if you do all the styling to the wrong side (drying, product, the lot) and then just push it to the right side once you're done- it works pretty well. Good on you for taking the plunge!

  3. I've always been slightly afraid to get my hair cut for the weirdness of having it short after it being long since I was like... four or something. :) And I'm betting the weight feels different? (I have really think hair, so when I cut just a few inches off it feels lighter.)

    Great picture! :)

  4. Love this :) I'm bookmarking it to re-read when I do get a pixie, eventually ;)

  5. Ugh, a pixie cut sounds so freeing! Love the drawing.

  6. *Remember, your pixie has never met you before. If it doesn't understand your personality right away, that's ok. It will learn to love you.

    *Pixie cuts are jealous. If it makes you look old, that's just because it wants all the attention. Relax and smile to combat this.

    *Give it a name. How would you like to be addressed as "The human" to all other pixies? Call it Cutie sometimes too, so it knows you care.

    *It will be wild. Let it. You are too. Otherwise you wouldn't have a pixie. You'll learn to coordinate wildness.

    *If the pixie comes back to bite you, resist the temptation to cut it up, chop it, or sever it. Growing is your strongest defense against a pixie cut.

  7. I'm getting my pixie cut tomorrow and found this post in my bookmarks. :) It's weird to think that I read this months ago without knowing that in January I'd finally chop off my hair :)


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