Sep 27, 2011

Weekend highlights

This weekend my brother and his wife came for a visit. It was soooo much fun! Per usual. :)

On Saturday we visited a state park. Some of the highlights:

Geocaching. Nuff said. 

Weird water bug things that look like sticks.

Frogs that stay underwater for an unbelievable amount of time.

Snapping pics of each other at the same time.

Neon colors.

An epic tree.


Making an impromptu marching band with aforementioned plants. Blowing across the hollow stems, as you would blow across a glass bottle. Makes a great little whistle! :)

This view:

Photo-bombing done by brother's sunglasses.


 Big skies.

Fluffy milkweed seedpods.

Magical looking birch trees.

A gigantic geocache! It was a trunk, well guarded with thorns. Yeowy.

Finding this. Pretty sure it's an elvish throne.

Finding a twisty hollow tree.

"Truffula fluff!"
No idea what it actually is, but it's pretty sweet. :)

And on Sunday, one of the highlights was disc golfing with my sil. It's so nice to have a fellow disliker-of-football to do something with while everyone else sits in front of the tube. Love ya, sil! :)

I love the satisfying clink of a Frisbee in the basket.

 Little orange friends, paying you a hurried visit at the golf course before going on their way.

Random dudes who ask you why you have cameras along while disc golfing.
"Just for fun," we say.
"Oh. So, like for class or something?"
"No, nope. Just for fun."
"Oh. They're big cameras."

And awkwardly walking away.
Good times.

And lastly, cool shadows!

What were some of your weekend highlights?


  1. I loved that funny grass when I was a kid! We saw it at the state park we used to hike at a lot, but I haven't seen it in years - possibly because I now ride horse instead of hike there, and you don't see so much of the ground that way.

  2. I love that you guys took pictures of each other at the same time. I can see a smile behind the camera. And the frolfer...that's your sil, right? Hair looks to dark to be you. :D

    Amazing pictures!

  3. Funny, my weekend highlights are very much like yours! :) Thank you for saving me from football. Great birch tree and Elvish throne pics! Lovely weekend!

  4. ooh, pretty tree photos. and I love me some frisbee.

    also, I find it funny that for your comment form, you have "remarkable remarks." so do I. (:


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