Sep 24, 2011

Seven random things

Recently iGirl tagged me in this post. So I have to write 7 random things about myself! Things that most people wouldn't know...
This is gonna be fun. I feel it in me bones!

1. My hair used to be super straight. Like, sometimes it looked like I straightened it. And around Christmas last year ... my hair decided to get curly. And it's curly to this day. Not even kidding. (Quick side note: my oldest brother's hair used to be curly ... and is now straight. Seriously, not kidding.)

2. I ate seaweed salad on my birthday. With chopsticks. Willingly, and of my own accord. I honestly didn't like the flavor or texture that much, but I kinda really loved it anyways. Why? Because I adore trying new things. And maybe cuz I like the bragging rights a bit, too. ;)

3. I have never sent a text message.

*CoughCough* Moving on ... as I'm sure you all were quite shocked by that one. *Ahem*

4. I would often rather eat vegetables than ice cream.

Oh, snap. I keep shocking you guys. Sorry! OK, ummm ...

5. When I have orange juice, I often want to eat black licorice with it. Don't ask me why. That's just the way it is.

6. I peel grapefruit. Like an orange. Except I also take of the clear skin that encloses each section. Tastes soooo good that way!

7. When I was super little, I had a nightmare. In my nightmare, there were a bunch of bears carrying torches. And they walked down the long hallway in our [old] house, coming to eat us. And for about a year after that dream, I would run down that hallway so the bears couldn't get me.

That is all. :)

P.S. Feel free to write random stuff about yourself in the comments. I'd love to hear! :D


  1. Seaweed salad is one of my favorite foods ever! Haha, it's got a unique texture, but I love it. :)
    I do the same with my grapefruit, too! It tastes so much better (oranges, too) without the clear skin on it.
    Fun post! I enjoyed reading your random facts!

  2. this was so cute! :P
    The whole...not sending a text thing was a bit much though. :P
    kidding, kidding. But that is kind of interesting. Can you tell us why you haven't ever?


  3. This post is super fun. Also - even though I love ice cream, I think I feel the same way! Veggies are epic.

    I'm going to try eating my grapefruit that way next time. :)

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