Oct 4, 2011

21 days of thankful

One of my good friends is hosting a gratitude challenge! You can read about it here. The challenge is to write 10 things you're thankful for every day for 21 days!

I've decided to split my lists into three parts, one week for each post. So here we go! Week one of the gratitude challenge! If you decide to join, I'd love to hear!

Tuesday, Sept 27th
  • Sunshine and 80 degree weather in September! Yeah, baby!
  • A fabulous book to read in aforementioned sunshine.
  • Messy fishtail braids. 
  • A friend to chat with. Honestly, we write about and imagine the most randumb stuff together. We often imagine we are different people, shooting witty lines at each other, rather like an improv act. Today's chat topics included grapes splatted in hair; cannonballs into insane asylums; imaginary British folk, one of which was named Edwhad (my character); and Mr. Tumness forgetting his lines in a play. Don't worry if you're confused. Sometimes I wonder about us too. 
  • Hot apple cider in the evening.
  • Selling some items on etsy.
  • That I'm only feeling bleghy, and not completely sick like my mom.
  • That I got to sleep in, since I was feeling bleghy. Bleghyness has it's few perks ... 
  • Being able to watch two episodes of Lark Rise to Candleford.
  • Hearing a robin singing. Mmmm. Sounds like spring.

Wednesday, Sept 28th
  • Beautiful weather.
  • A fairly easy school day.
  • Having enough time to package a package for an etsy customer.
  • That Logan finally answered her phone after a couple tries. (We give her rides to dance, and I wasn't sure if she needed one today. I didn't want to leave her stranded if she did!)
  • Feeling good enough to go to dance.
  • Surviving conditioning class.
  • Being able to keep up pretty well in tap.
  • My mom making delicious and nutritious suppers.
  • A four page letter from my grandma.
  • This video. It's a bit long, but I highly recommend watching the whole thing! The end is so beautiful and indescribable, and, and ... yeah. You have to watch it to see what I mean.  If you watch, stick it through to the end. It's worth it. :)

Louie Giglio Stars Whales Mashup from Ryan Sarpalius on Vimeo.

Thursday, Sept 29th
  • Finally getting thank you cards written for my birthday presents. Presents which I got ... five weeks ago.
  • That Mom is considering letting me get texting.
  • Yellow leaves.
  • Fresh autumn air.
  • That sewing class started.
  • That we finally found out what our spring ballet performance is going to be! Hansel and Gretel!! Woot!
  • That my brother spends 1 hr. total bringing me to and from ballet. 15 minutes to drop me off, 15 minutes home, 15 minutes to pick me up, 15 minutes home. What a nice bro. :)
  • Coming home to fresh ginger-snap cookies.
  • Elssa. My sister's dog. Such a sweet pooch!
  • Cheerios with honey and milk. Yummy! 

Friday Sept. 30th
  • That I had time to work on learning Dutch.
  • That I finished reading two books I've been working on for a while.
  • Crunchy leaves.
  • Getting another follower. Always makes my day brighter. :)
  • That I had a couple really nice moves in soccer tonight. Let's just ignore the fails, shall we? 
  • That my friend sent me a bazillion emails. She does that almost every day, and I love it. :)
  • Hot chocolate.
  • That my sis had safe travels to visit my brother and his wife.
  • That tomorrow is Saturday.
  • And because tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep in, plus my roommate sis is gone, I can stay up super late and do random stuff tonight! For example, randomly deciding I'm hungry at 10:45 p.m. and making ramen noodles. Ooh yeahhh. :)

Saturday, Oct 1st
  • That it's Saturday.
  • Sleeping in.
  • Reading books. What can I say? I like doing this a lot. :)
  • No school.
  • Being lazy. 
  • Selling another item on Etsy. 
  • Not having to package it right away, as the post office is closed.
  • Studio Crawl. It's a city-wide thing where local artists open their studios and people can come in and watch demos and such. My absolute favorite was the glass blower. So incredible! Very strange and fascinating to watch. My other fave was an acrylic painter. 
  • Stroopwafels. 
  • Pizza for supper. Homemade. Oh yes. Mmmm. 

Sunday, Oct 2nd

  • Being able to get up on time.
  • That children's church went well. (I had to help out ... my first time doing that.)
  • That kids are so friendly. I felt very awkward, as the other two helpers/teachers knew exactly what was going on and I didn't. But the kids, even though they probably didn't even know my name, didn't mind at all. I frequently would find one of them plopped in my lap for no apparent reason. :)
  • Walking home from church with my daddy-O in the sun. It only took us 40 minutes ... 
  • Reading in the sun. Yes, I realize I have put this on my list almost every day. I just like it, OK? 
  • Brothers who make pancakes for supper. And who make a special Micky Mouse shaped one ... just for me. 
  • Watching the first two episodes of Biggest Loser, season 12 online with my fam.
  • Tea. Lots and lots of tea. *Sore throat*
  • Lots of honey in aforementioned tea. 
  • A goodnight note from me mumsy waiting on my pillow. Awwe.

Monday, Oct. 3rd
  • Watching a rain of yellow leaves float past every time the wind blows. 
  • Being sick enough to be pampered, but not so sick that I can't enjoy it. :)
  • That my sister got home safely.
  • That she came bringing Trader Joes gummy bears! Score! 
  • Finishing yet another super good book. 
  • That a wonderful woman I know is celebrating her birthday today. I believe it's her 83rd. Love ya, Maria!
  • Clean sheets. 
  • Open windows.
  • Watching I Love Lucy with my sis.
  • Chatting with my friends. 

What are some things you're thankful for?


  1. I am super grateful for reading blog posts about gratitude. I think I've chocked up about 4 this week. Yours included. Goodness.

    Trying to catch leaves falling off a tree.

    Tons of page views. Coolness.

    A new follower too! Yayah me!

  2. Hi there! wanted to let you know I've awarded you "The Versatile Blogger" Award on my blog. Please come check it out!



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