May 15, 2011


I know, I know. I haven't blogged for a week. I am a despicable human being!
(Anyone catch the movie quote??)

But! I have a lot of super epic projects that I am working on/ hope to start, so there should be some epicness coming up to make up for my blogging neglect.

Anyways, today I photographed tulips! They are so gorgeous.


                         This tulip had a little heart on one of its petals!

Macro shots. Intense color and texture.

My favorites are the last two. Yours?


  1. Mwa ha ha, you others. I am back to being the faithful commenter!

    You are a skilled photographer! I love the way you come up with a new angle for every photo.

    On those macro shots, intense is right! Wonderful!

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the macro shots! The colors are so pretty! :)


  3. Gorgeous photos! The colors are intense and beautiful.

    I caugh the movie quote! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! *takes deep breath* Ahem. Well, can you blame me? Tangled is the bomb. ;)

  4. Me likes them all!! :) Especially the last two :D

  5. Camera used? I luv 'em =)


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