May 19, 2011

Epic project #2: ROBINS!!!

As promised, here's another uber epic project: photographing robins!!

Note: after the eggs hatched, I took photos EVERY OTHER day. They grow sooooo fast! Except, the last three pics were taken every day. Crazy, huh?

I love how grouchy they all look in the second to last picture. :) "Enough with the paparazzi already! Rawr." <-- cuz apparently baby robins say rawr. Who knew? ;)

Not to mention, I pity the fourth one. He must have been squashed on bottom somewhere. You can't even see him, but I know he was there!!

Anyway, today was the day they all flew the coop! This was the first one to leave, the little adventurer:

The rest weren't quite so brave. They kept standing up and gathering their courage! And then ... they'd sit back down.

"Whoa! Whooaaaaaa!!" 

 "So, waddaya think? Should we really leave?"

"Nah. Let's just preen some more."

Then the mom and dad kept tempting them with food. I saw one of them bring food and then leave without giving the babies any, trying to tempt them out of the nest!

It didn't work. I seriously sat there for over an hour, waiting for that perfect pic of their first flight!

It reminded me of this song. "So take the leap of faith, come on let's go!!"

Watching these little guys trying to muster their courage made me think that sometimes we make such a big deal out of little things, scaring ourselves silly. And sometimes we just need to let go, give it to God and take that leap of faith!

I was sure this one was going to go, but after this he went back into the nest. Can you believe it?? What a chicken. :)

Finally Mom couldn't stand it anymore, and she went into my garden and that scared them away!
They took the leap of faith! They just needed a little kick in the pants first. :)
Btw, after waiting soooooo long, I was pretty desperate to get a good pic of their first flight. And after a prayer that the pic would turn out, wa-la! Gwageous.

Does anyone love this last pic as much as I do? I love how awkward they look on their very first flight ever! Lovely. :)

P.S. after they all flew, we watched them in our neighbors yard. The parents found them all and were feeding them! Such an exciting day for the little guys. :)


  1. Wow! That's amazing! You must be a sneaky photographer.

  2. That's awesome. :) I loved the pictures, especially the one of their last flight and when they look grumpy! :)

  3. AAAAH!! Awesome! I love the "first flight" picture, and the three of them in a row! :) Super job Inna! (btw why aren't you answering mey email hmmmm?)

  4. Nature photography requires great amounts of patience, but with the right eye and lens yields these marvelous results! Your photos are just delightful; each in its own way and the whole grouping as well. I am definitely a big fan of your blog, Inna! Great photography and prose (AND did I mention, you're a talented ballerina as well?! : )! ~Mrs R

  5. Absolutely beautiful photos! What wonderful captures -- I love the progression from eggs to first flight. Wonderful job; and gorgeous colors!

    Have a lovely day!

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  7. uhm, i am in love with your blog! i stumbled here from your flickr and hello, i love all your projects and photos and everything! these little baby birds are so precious, keep up the awesome epic projects :]

  8. This is AMAZING. And many kudos to you for sitting out there and waiting for the perfect shot! You're very patient. :)

  9. Girl, you're gonna have so much fun getting to choose a career/calling in one of the dozen or more areas you are so gifted in. I'm glad it's a rainy day so I have time to catch up on your blog. I agree - BIG fan, too!

  10. This is such an awesome post. I love how you captured every moment of their 'baby' life. And that last picture sure is lovely. Waw.


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