May 1, 2011

Always winter, never Christmas.

We woke up this morning to snow:

Happy May Day!  <-- sarcasm. :-P

Good things about snow at this ridiculous time of year:

1. You get cool pics of snow & spring flowers.

2. It helps the Robins remember why they leave every fall. (The lucky stinkers)

3. Epic bragging rights. I mean really. "Yeah ... we just had snow in May. No biggie."

4. We sympathize better with the Narnians and their hundred year winter. [shudder]

5. We get an excuse to use extreme sarcasm.
"Welcome back to winter! I hope you enjoyed your summer. The whole two days of it." Quote from our music pastor this morning. :-P

[side-note: I love this last picture. Look at all the textures of the different leaves and twigs, the different shades of green contrasted with the snow. Lovely.]

6. And lastly, we get to practice our optimism.

When Aslan bears his teeth, winter meets its death. When he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.


  1. I would be so upset! It's chilly where I am, but it's not snowing!!

  2. Obviously SOMEBODY needs to go find Aslan. I'm about ready to have all the Minnesotans sign a petition and send it heaven-ward.

  3. Oh wow! I can't even imagine snow in May. I live in Texas, so if we even get snow at all, it's like two inches in February. Haha :) Anyway, those pictures are lovely! I like the contrast of the green spring and the white winter.


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