Jun 8, 2014

Drawings :: they just are

Life is so complicated that my brain has short-circuited.

After months of being overwhelmed with school and work and ballet rehearsals, I finally graduated. Which means maybe I'll get back into the blogging zone? Hopefully? 

It's strange, this growing up business. This age of change. Watching everyone and everything around me change, and not understanding anything one bit at all. 
One chapter closed off. Beyond reach. One chapter ... not yet opened. Beyond reach. 
A floating existence. Restlessness. 

Pacing happens. 

Long walks - no destination. Just trying to figure out life. No words in my brain, yet thinking constantly. A feeling of prayers unsaid simmering inside while I power-walk my frustrations out until the blisters come,
and then further. 

And it's like I'm processing a million things at once until I can't think anymore.

And that's just it. It's a process. I know it will come. 
But, dang son, I'm driving myself bananas! (And my family - sorry, Mom. :) 

I finally just needed a space where I could tune out all the bigness - all the life changes that are coming, have come. The things that overwhelm me and catch me off-guard until I can't breathe right. I needed something small that I could wrap my head around. I needed little bits of uncomplicated curiosity and ... ease. And a place to JUST STOP OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING ALREADY. Geez. 

So I started a new series in my sketchbook. 
Yes. All that just to say I drew some pictures. :) 

Quick rough sketches of real-life things that caught my interest. Easy color. A few simple words. Poetic, funny, normal. Whatever.
I refuse to overthink them.
They just are.


Words I texted to a friend.
Sitting in the backyard watching the birds. 

From my senior ballet recital. 
Picking dandelions with a friend. 
Self explanatory. :)

Overall - 
Life is beautiful.
And very very weird.


  1. I'm 22 now and still feel the way you feel now. I've graduated high school and uni and have a job but I feel like I'm just sitting around waiting for life to change. The phase of life between education and your thirties is the hardest I think because you don't really have anything, all you have is change whether it's happening or whether you're waiting for it.

    I hope everything works out for you hun. <3

  2. such a nice writing! looking back at your life when you are in your mid-thirties is no less amazing.

  3. I love your closing statement. Amen.

    I think your drawings are fabulous.

  4. I love your drawings and style! And I totally agree with your words. I always try to look at the bright side of life but life is weird.


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