Apr 28, 2014

Dear Person: Zebra Hats and Raccoon Tails

Hello lovely people.
Long time, no see!
To be honest, I have been feeling entirely burnt out lately, and my creativity and my words have all gone ... someplace else. I'm being swamped with school and work and other commitments, and simply don't have the brain space to do much besides survive. But I have recently gotten a lot of sweet comments from you guys, either here or on pinterest, saying that you have missed my posts, or that my posts inspire you, etc.

And y'know ... that really encouraged me.

So right now I'm just gonna dip into my sketchbook from earlier this year and post two Dear Person letters that I haven't posted before. I guess you could say I was saving them for a rainy day - and this is definitely one of those! (It's been cold and rainy ALL day.)

I'm just sort of throwing this up here to say thank you for your kind words, and to let you know that I miss blogging, and that I am hoping and planning to start more consistent posts again once school lets out in about three weeks.
So here ya go! 

Seen at open ice skating this winter: 


Seen on a walk with our friends on the first really nice day of spring:

Funny side-story: about two weeks after seeing this dude, I was out biking with my sister. There was a guy walking down the street in a very stylish cardigan, and after one glance at him I whispered, "Hipster!" to my sis. She glanced over her shoulder and said, "Hey, it's your raccoon friend!" I took another look, and there was indeed a raccoon tail hanging off his pants! It was the same guy! :D
Fyi, I personally like hipster style. I just thought it was hilarious that this guy exuded *so much* hipster that it was the first word that came to mind both times I saw him! It's actually quite remarkable. ;)

Well, that's all I've got for you at the moment. Thanks again for your kind words, and for still reading my blog even when I don't have the mental capacity to keep it updated consistently! 
You guys are the best.

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  1. Gah, your sketches inspire me so much. I love the letters and the little stories and the colors and everything.

  2. I really do love your blog and I've missed your posts. Even though I've subscribed to the email updates I still drop by every now and then to see if you've updated.

    I hope your creative inspiration returns to you soon <3

  3. Your Dear Person posts always make me smile.

  4. These sketches are fantastic! And I love hearing the stories behind them.

  5. Oh my goodness gracious, your sketches are nothing short of brilliant, Inna! I love them!
    Plus your blog is awesome. Just saying.


  6. Hooray for Dear Person Posts!! They are some of my favoritist.


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