Nov 13, 2013

Little things

Life’s to-do list is a marathon long and an abyss deep this day. The weight of all I must do holds me down so I cannot do it. And then my friend texts me about how the wind is so delighted about the fact that it can just rush somewhere - anywhere, and the prairies are shivering and giggling, and we are mostly shivering, but the sun is happy and that makes the day glorious. And suddenly the abyss loses its hold on me. The sun dances through the window, warming my empty face with light. The fridge hums peacefully. There is fresh coffee. Mom and Dad came home from Florida yesterday, and sand that hitchhiked from that distant roaring deep living ocean decorates our dining room table with grit.

These little things will save me today.

My God is a God who has been saving his kiddos from abysses since the dawn of time. Using light or sound or coffee or grit: doesn't matter. He will save us whatever it takes.

      It is days like today when writing half a page of simple words and posting it without pictures is enough. It is days like today when picking up that extra fork and putting it into the dishwasher instead of letting it lay apathetically dirty on the counter is a victory. 

     It is days like today when little is big and little is enough and little will triumph. 


  1. Is it weird if I say that the last paragraph gave me chills?? But in a good way... these words made my day (: Thanks Inna,
    Anna :D

  2. Today is that day for me...thanks for writing!


  3. Little wonders captured in words... Beautiful, Inna!

  4. And little is so beautiful that little will bless others, much like a little boy with a little lunch who gave Eternity and little just a little extra meaning.

  5. During my life I always look for the bigger things but sometimes its the little things that catch my eye and make me stop and reflect. My motto for life is...Its the little things that count. Thank you for the post. I love it.


  6. You are my favorite writer. Thanks for this post.


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