Oct 25, 2013

Adventuring where you are

So here's the thing.
My posts are gonna be sporadic. Because school. Because SO much school. 
However. I still adore blogging and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. So hang in there peeps! :)

A few weeks ago (this shows how busy I am ... haven't had time to blog it until now!) my sister hijacked me away from school and took me on a bike ride. Halfway through she gets this mischievous grin and says, "I have an idea." 
I love it when she does that. :D

Before I knew it, we had ended up at moxie java for coffee. Unstyled hair, tired school eyes and brain, and very ready for a vacation. 
An urban sister's date. 
The best. :)

We sipped our coffee and took pictures of everything and admired architecture and people-watched ... and you know? It felt like a real live vacation. I don't know about you, but we never just go out for coffee in our own town. I don't know why; we have a beautiful downtown area that feels almost as exciting as visiting a new city. 
Taking the time to sit in the sun and breathe in the urban atmosphere ... it was needed.

Street art! 

This is my blissful face:

And this is my that-face-looked-dumb-I-crack-me-up face. ;)

Taking time to notice reflections and details:

It's emptyyyyyy. :(

And then we biked slowly home, leaves skittering across the road on that Indian-summer day.

On a side note, we passed this abandoned factory.
I've been wanting to go into it for like, years now.
Maybe one day ...
(Ok, probably not. But in my dreams? Definitely.)

I highly suggest taking time to be a tourist in your own town sometime. Just doing something that you normally save for vacations only (going out for coffee, sitting on a restaurant patio, taking pictures of everything) really makes those short minutes/hours seem like a true restful adventure.

I don't know why we all forget to enjoy where we are ...


  1. In answer to your last question, even though I sense it might have only been rhetorical. Our world sells its self on our discontent with where and who we are. Striving to improve ones self or having aspirations to see new places is not bad, it can be distracting. Thanks for the reminder to stop and look.

    1. As Anni can verify I am quite fond of saying: A and MEN.

      That's all I gots for ye, Anni. I guess the Roise and I can't both leave our brilliance in one place.
      Although, I really ought to say thank you as well.

      Thank you.
      As well.

  2. I've been living in my current town for over ten years now and only this year I actually started to visit some events, places and parks nearby. While in high school I always felt like my town was the most boring ever, but there is actually so much to see and to explore and they organize so many cultural events!

  3. I have got. to get myself a bike!


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