Nov 25, 2013

Dear Person: of helicopters, pixie cuts, and ironic sweaters

Spent the afternoon reviving my Dear Person project instead of writing that paper which is due tonight.
Is it bad that I feel like I got my priorities straight?

Drawing again felt SO good. These three letters are from things I saw on our recent trip to Minneapolis! 

That last one is definitely my fave. :) Which is yours?

P.S. Check out more Dear Person letters here


  1. Ah! Your "Dear Person" project is one of my favorite things from the blogosphere. Glad to see it again. =D

  2. Haha the last one is my favorite!

  3. Dear Person,

    I love the idea of continuity, and separate community that flows out of one dear person telling another a little, silent compliment.

    It's almost like a bunch of people that don't really know each other but actually they're a family.

  4. These are so adorable! No. 3 made me laugh.

    I love reading your posts and your quick sketches are lovely.

  5. What a great idea! The last one is also my favorite.

  6. the "dear person" project is my favourite project! love this.

  7. I love these! Also, please get a "Dear Person" book published someday. Thanks.

  8. Second one because it just reflects me. I am always wanting to change me hair.


  9. This is beautifully creative and witty! Maybe it's just a Minnesota thing - but I'm never seen someone fixing a power line on a helicopter. That's intense. :) I need to get out to those big cities more often!

  10. Aww, the last one is definitely my favorite! Thank you so much for your super sweet and awesome comments on my blog, you're such a sweetie! I adore every single one of your blogposts. You seem like such a nice, powerful and overall happy little fella ;)

  11. Your blog is m latest discovery and can't stop enjoying it. You are so talented and lovely.
    This projevt us just the best.

    Blog more, please.


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