Jul 20, 2012

Summer mint lemonade recipe

I'd forgotten about homemade lemonade for a while, but I recently rediscovered it ... plus a trick to make it even better! So even though this is so simple and a lot of you probably know how to make it already, I thought I'd share. Basically just as a reminder about how good fresh lemonade is. ;)

Lemon juice, sugar, water, & fresh mint leaves - which are optional but highly recommended. :)

Pour approximately equal parts lemon juice and sugar into a pitcher. I used half a cup of juice, and little less sugar. Fresh squeezed lemons are best, but I often kinda cheat and just use real lemon juice out of a bottle. ;) Stir it up, and fill the rest of the pitcher with water. Now give it a taste, and add more juice, sugar or water to suit your fancy. 
You can leave it as is for plain lemonade ...

But! If you want to make it even better ... add mint. :D
Get a handful of fresh mint leaves and wash them with HOT water. This seriously makes the flavor come out beautifully.
Throw 'em into the pitcher and let 'em set for about 15 minutes. I usually remove them after that, cuz if they soak too long it gets kinda bitter.

I just love the subtle hint of mint ... it makes the lemonade so much more fancy and delicious. Perfect for summer! 



  1. Oh! I must try this. I don't have mint. :-/

    I have a substitute that will work!

    Amazing idea. :D

  2. Oh my, this looks delicious! And those pictures are amazing Inna!


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