Jul 5, 2012

It's the little things: an unlikely story

A few weeks ago I was at a crowded baseball game.

About halfway through I looked over and somehow, out of the hundreds, I saw one face I recognized! My dance friend, Maddie!

I quickly stepped over a bunch of feet, excusing my way through the stands and running down to her. When I was right behind her, I yelled, "Maddie!!"

She started and whipped her head around. She grinned incredulously and almost tripped over the chairs on her way to tackle hug me!
We snagged a phone picture and laughed and chatted about how funny it was that I actually *saw* her in that crowd, and then I went back to my seat ... grinning the whole way.
It totally made my day.

And then on the fourth of July my family went out to see a fireworks display. 
This time there were thousands of people. The stands were packed. And the grass was packed too, full of people on picnic blankets and lawn chairs. 
Cars lined up for blocks. 
I was sitting in the bleachers, listening to the live music and waiting for it to get dark.
And suddenly ... I spotted a slender girl with long straight hair. I stood up in the stands, grinning madly.

And then I repeated the baseball game maneuver. Stepping over feet and excusing my way through the stands, running till I was right behind my friend and yelling, "Maddie!!
This time when she turned she almost choked. Her face lit up and she tackle hugged me again!
And we snagged a phone pic. Again.
And laughed about how I found her in such a gigantic crowd. Again.

I'm still smiling about it now.

And yes, perhaps this post seems a bit pointeless.
But sometimes things happen in life that are so unlikely I just can't help but be delighted, and I want to remember that.

P.S. Watching someone's face positively light up just because they see you? ... it's nice. <3


  1. Not a pointless post; a happy post! :)

  2. Sweet! The little things in life - the unexpected - make living rather enjoyable, don't ye know.

  3. This is so sweet! It's so true, the little things in life, like seeing someone's face light up when they see you, really make life so wonderful.

  4. Awe, gee, that's too cute! Remind me to come to a grandstand in that city some time. :D


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