Nov 7, 2011

Dear Person, Texas Edition

Seen on the car ride down to Texas:

In San Antonio, Texas. Near the river walk. This drawing was done in pencil, which is why it's not as clear as the pen drawings.

San Antonio, river walk. The person was a waitress who had apparently dropped the $20 into the water. She had to run across a bridge to get to the other side of the river and rescue it. Everyone watching applauded when she succeeded. :D

Surfside Beach, Texas. Obviously. :)

And yes, those are the sunglasses I wore in a bunch of the pictures. ;)

Have you seen anything interesting lately?


  1. this post was like, so unique. loved it.

  2. Dear person:

    Your posts are super cool, and I like your glasses.

  3. Loving these Dear Persons posts more and more! :)


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