Nov 17, 2011

Dear Person {doggy scarf and pirate}

 Seen a few weeks ago on the way home from church:

Seen last week while driving around town:

I'm also wondering, why don't they just fly away?


  1. And Dear Person,

    If you are indeed a pirate, only teach your feathery accomplices good abominable words, such as "Shutta uppa your face!" and other choice phrases.

    Please and Thank you.

  2. Woah!! Were they two grey parrots? Em and I were walking to the library once and we met a guy who was taking his two African Grey Parrots on a walk! He was more than willing to introduce us and tell us all about his feathery friends! :D

  3. YES! They *were* grey parrots! Haha! It's gotta be the same dude. That's awesome. :D


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