Oct 13, 2011

*Week Two: Gratitude Challenge*

Things I'm thankful for:

Friday, Oct. 7
  • Wind. Whipping the trees, lashing my hair. The sound, the feel. 
  • Apple crisp.
  • Reading. Finding a hilarious bit of writing and sending it to my friend, who appreciated it muchly.
  • A clean bathroom. 
  • Having someone wave to me enthusiastically from a passing car. I couldn't see who it was, but it's nice to be waved at by a friend. At least, I assume it was a friend by their enthusiasm. :)
  • Being able to visit my friends at soccer. I was recovering from a cold and too tired to actually play, but I got to see the kids for a while anyway.
  • Biking home early, without a helmet. Quite the rebellious child I am, eh? ;) The wind through my hair felt so beautiful.
  • Having a girls night and watching a Lark Rise to Candleford episode, while the boys were at soccer. 
  • Cottage cheese rolls, fresh from the oven. Hot, fluffy, dripped with melty frosting. Mmm.
  • Watching Foyles War with the whole family when the guys got back. 
Saturday, Oct. 8
  • That it's Saturday.
  • For perfect photo-taking lighting outside.
  • For turning up the music and having a clean-the-room party with my sis.
  • A clean room. :)
  • Adventures in Odyssey. I haven't listened to an episode for soooo long. Kinda fun. :)
  • Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. 
  • Gorgeous autumn weather.
  • Cheese with Trader Joe's crackers. 
  • Fresh air wisping its way through the windows.
  • Picking scrumptious fall bouquets. 

Sunday, Oct 9
  • For a church that is alive. A church where I can feel Christ next to me, working in me.
  • Seeing an old friend. I haven't seen her for almost a year!
  • Rain. The beautiful, beautiful sound of rain. I miss that sound during the quiet winter.
  • A gray day. Lazy and rainy. Reading and a blanket, windows open. 
  • Super crunchy, juicy apples.
  • That our friends could reschedule some stuff so we can visit them on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. That way I don't have to miss ballet this week! 
  • That I'm finally feeling better. 
  • The internet. :)
  • Carrots and ranch dressing.
  • Today. 

Monday, Oct 11
  • Downpours. I really do love them. 
  • Getting lots of school done, even though I had a super late start.
  • Finishing Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. It was amazing!
  • Having a family that does awesome stuff ... like making Ketchup. True story.
  • Encountering people with wacky last names.
  • The people at my dance studio. And ballet in general. Oh, ballet, how I love thee! Even if you occasionally give me blisters ...
  • Friends who are approximately my age and sit on my lap for no particular reason. 
  • That I get to visit some awesome peeps tomorrow! Getting up early and spending a total of 5 hrs in the car is totally worth it. 
  • A clean retainer. I soaked it in denture cleaner today. I'm sure some of you will think of some highly sarcastic comments about me using denture cleaner ... but that is completely irrelevant. 
  • Straight faced sarcasm, subtle humor, expressive and twinkly eyes. (The actor who plays D.C.S. Foyle is a pro.)
Tuesday, Oct 11
  • Visiting friends. Always so wonderful! We spent the whole day with them, so most of the things I'm thankful for today include them. :)
  • Playing a whole game of Scatergories, sitting in the sun on the trampoline. A whole game, as in, all twelve lists. :)
  • The quiet. OK, so there really wasn't much quiet around us (friends have a tendency to chatter and laugh ... loudly. In case you haven't noticed.) But there was a background of blissful silence which you only get in the country. 
  • Horseback riding. I rode on Jewel, their appaloosa, with one of the friends sitting behind me. Jewel is built like a Trojan war horse! I needed a leg up, cuz there was no way I could get my foot high enough to reach the stirrup. It was probably near my shoulder, as her back is about even with my head. That horse is powerful. And sweet. And wonderful. :)
  • Switching horses later, and having a fabulous canter. (I wasn't quite sure I could hold Jewel back if she got going really fast.)
  • Pupppies. Puppiespuppiespuppies. OK, so there were only two of them, but still. Puppiespuppiespuppies. I do love them so.
  • A birthday party. Only 2 months late. :) Cake, candles ... the works! 
  • Lovely presents. Lovely friends.
  • Not hitting a skunk on the way home. We came *this* close, friends. It went right between our tires, straight under the car, spraying all the way. Yummy.
  • Not dying. Mom and I were getting a little loopy with tiredness on the 2 1/2 hr ride home. We were going crazy trying to keep awake, and we succeeded. Cuz Mom did not fall asleep, and we didn't die. Always a good thing. 

Wednesday, Oct 12
  • Second hand book stores. One in particular. They take trade-ins, so we always get rid of stacks we don't want, and leave with a few beautiful books that we do want. Love it!
  • Being able to find two super cute sweaters for $4 each!
  • That my sis lets me borrow her clothes. :)
  • Smoothie cubes ...  smoothie frozen in an ice cube tray. When I want a smoothie, I just pop a couple cubes in a cup and melt them partway. Instant yum! I just discovered smoothie cubes this week. I love 'em.
  • Conditioning class. It hurts so good! >_< 
  • Tap. Still get confused and left behind, and I still love it.
  • Goofy goofy people. "Hold 8!" ... I totally just put that in for my own amusement. I know none of you will have the slightest idea why that's funny, but I think it's hilarious. :D
  • Coming home and going completely crazzzzyy!!! Me and my bro were singing off-key and loudly in the kitchen*, using random accents, punching each other, etc. I gave myself a headache. And it was awesome. 
  • Glasses. I don't like having to wear them ... but it is rather nice to be able to see. 
  • Blankets. For obvious comfortable reasons. 

*Even the "songs" were crazy. For example, I changed the words to "Do, a deer" from the Sound of Music. 

Do, a deer! A female moose!
Re! A drop of golden moon!
Me! A name! I call yourself!
Fa! A long, long way to walk!
So! A needle pulling yarn!
La! A note to follow doe! (this is where it got confusing)
Te! A drink with jam and toast!
And that will bring us back to Doe!

(I didn't realize how many exclamation marks are in that song ... )

Thursday, Oct 13

  • Waking up to warm blankets and fresh cold air.
  • Getting school done.
  • Going to sewing class and almost finishing my latest project. The things that are left are things I can probably do at home! Yay!
  • Being able to get a ton of stuff done today! Always feels good.
  • Listening to movie soundtracks with my brother.
  • Crazy people and funny stories.
  • Dance. Yet again. :)
  • That my sister lets me use her camera!
  • Having a stack of great books waiting for me to read them.
  • My lovely followers! I can't believe there are 70 of you. You guys are amazing! 

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  1. *You. And riding horse. And not being scared at all. (I wasn't! Much.)

    *Your blog posts. Muchly.

    *Tiredness. Feels good sometimes.

    *Being the first commenter. Again.


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