Aug 4, 2011


(Warning: bazillions of pictures of beautiful things in this post!)

Last week we went to Medora, North Dakota!
Traveling through prairies:


Getting to the badlands:

We blew a tire on our camper!
It wasn't just flat.
It blew.

We got it repaired quickly, and arrived at our campsite. Soon after we left for the Medora Musical!

 That blond guy in the middle? Amazing stage presence! He was hamming it up, grinning and really DOING the dance moves. Not just ... doing ... the dance moves. I love it when people do that!!

This fiddler played so fast it's amazing her fingers didn't fall off! She got the most cheers of the night. :)

I get such a thrill from the stage and shows. They just makes me so happy!

The next day we traveled to the North unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

There were oil trucks everywhere on the way!

Pumping oil:

At the campground we got invaded by bison! o_O

Strolling through the campground like they owned the place...

Dust bath

 ^The screen on my camper window.

Exploring the park:


Right as we were walking up to a trail for a hike, a guy was just leaving the trail. As he walked past, he told us that he had seen a rattle snake in the weeds right next to the path!
Ummm .... *gulp*
Don't ask me why, but we went for the hike anyway. And I was wearing shorts. And the trail was about 6" wide, weeds brushed our legs as we walked past ... and there was a rattle snake in there somewhere!! o_O
Creepy much?
Yeah. Much.

Tracks on the trail:

We spotted buffalo hair on the trail! Wild buffalo and snakes on our trail. Niiice.
Still, I'm thankful there is still a part of North Dakota that is wild enough that you have to fear snakes. Call me crazy, but I love natural places.

 The next pictures are from a different excursion.

This place was so quiet and beautiful. The sound of insects chirping in the distance, the soft thrumming of the wind across your ears, the lazy buzz of a fly swirling your head ... all added to the silence.

Blurry but cute. ;)

Ah, siblings...

Back at the campground. One of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen.

The next day we went on yet another hike. The sun warmed the clover and filled the air with a thick summery scent.

 Prairie dog town!

This guy was very friendly!

And now, after those bazillion pictures, I'll leave you with one of my very favorites from that gorgeous sunset...

Which ones do you like?


  1. Oh! OH! I finally did it again! Yay me!

    Ok...I likey the oney with you and your hair blowing sideways, and the one wid your mudder and your fadder. And I likey the oney with you and your bro, and de one with the black and orange sunset, which was amazing. Aaaaaand, I likey the ones of the bison rolling and taking a dust bath. Oh! for dirty cleanliness!...? My turn to go on vacation! I'll have to blog about it latah. otta know...likey = synonymous wid lovey. :D

  2. This is Josiah:

    that was so cool Ani! that so very awesone. espcially the sonset! it was epically awesone.

  3. This is Christa

    I LOVED then ALL!!! MY favorite was the AWESOME AWSOME sunset!!!!!! and the oragne and black!I loved the bison ones, espcially the one of the bison's face with the cloud of dust! and like the ones of your hikes, and the one of your hair blowing in the wind! I loved them!

  4. They're all really cool! I like the one of the tire and of you with your brother. That looks like a lot of fun and it's super pretty!


  5. Very pretty pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful time! :)


  6. Very fun set of photos. Having lived in western ND, they all made me smile! Especially enjoyed the one of your parents, too. : ) Thanks for posting; your photography skills continue to blossom!
    Mrs. R

  7. Wow, those pictures are stunning..I hope to go on a vacation like that one day! :)

  8. Great pictures. Reminds me of growing up. We took so many Sunday excursions out to the badlands. You did such a great job of capturing the beauty. Though there is nothing like being there.



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