Aug 13, 2011

Air Show!

Today we went to an amazing air show in town. They had a B-25 from WWII flying around. Can you imagine? A plane from WWII still in good enough condition to fly? What a privilege to see.

At one point it "dropped" a "bomb". It was pretty sweet! Especially since I got a picture of it. :)

I couldn't resist editing some of the photos to look old.

Notice that the bomb bay is open:

This random kid had the right idea. :)
It was LOUD.

There were tons of planes sitting around that you could look at.

An unmanned plane!

Me sitting in an awesome helicopter:

Then Miss Mitchell the B-25 landed so people could get a close look at her.
One of my favorite pictures:

I got to stick my head inside and snap some photos. What a surreal feeling, being in a piece of history. I could just imagine the people who flew it years and years ago. Wow.

I love just staring at the next picture. After photoshopping it, it looks so old I can hardly believe I took it!
It's looking into the tail, and the light at the end is from the gunner's dome.

The bomb bay:

Later they had a stunt plane. It was simply amazing! The pilot did things I didn't know were possible. He did sideways rolls and stalls that made it look like the plane had technical problems and was spiraling out of control. And then he'd pull up again! At one point he was only ten feet off the ground! Once he turned upside down and flew that way for a long distance, taking one hand off the controls and waving (still upside down) at the crowd below! You could see it, he was so close.

 And then! Then the pilot flew over the crowd, opened his hatch (!) , stood on the seat (!) and waved at us! Zero hands on the controls!

What a show-off.
I love it. :D

Then the Blue Angels came out! In this first picture, their wings were only 18 inches apart. And they were going well over 100 miles an hour. o_O

Notice that white mist on the wings of the top plane? I'm not sure what caused it, but whenever they went incredibly fast, that would appear.

At one point the announcer told us to look to our right, so we all turned that way. And then ROAR! A plane flew over us from behind and startled everyone! It was super funny. :)

 And lastly, one of my favorite pictures.

Have you ever been to an air show?


  1. Ahhhh. Almost as if I'd been there. You see, PD went and I wanted too, but I was banking on you since I couldn't go. Thanks for blogging! Do you remember the fella who went up, turned off the engines, came down, did a loop, a spin, and landed all without turning the engines back on? PD mentionted that it was his favorite stunt. It's the only one he described though.

    OH, and the unmanned airplane? That's from my town! I got bragging rights, I am getting education at the school that has that plane! Ha! Good ol' TR does have something, after all!

  2. Helicopters are the absolute best! I got to sit in one at our airshow but I've never been there when the Blue Angels were there.


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