Jul 11, 2011


This weekend my Dad, brother and I went camping!
I love summer.

Campfire smoke in the evening sun:

My brother:

View from our campsite:

We went for a walk by a lake that evening. It was so gorgeous.

I love how this picture is abstract, you almost can't tell what it is, but it's beautiful. Just look at the range and depth of color shimmering on the water!

Have you gone on any trips this summer?


  1. Looks like fun! I hope the mosquitoes weren't a problem. ;) I love the scenery in the last picture!

  2. I love camping too!! GORGEOUS photos... love them! The processing on them is beautiful! What did you do to edit them, or did you edit them at all? And what camera do you use?? Haha, I'm so curious, and such a photography nerd!! xD

    Happy Monday!
    <3 Kailyn

  3. wow! Those are awesome! I love to go camping. :D But we have not gone in a really long time. :P
    I wanna go really bad now! xD Awesome photographs! Love them, so beautiful. :)


  4. Kailyn:
    Thank you! I did edit them, all except the 'abstract' one. I used Photoshop. I adjusted the levels & soft light. And on some of them I used Photoshop Actions. Just in case you don't know, Actions are where you push a button and it automatically Photoshops them differently for each Action. I used "Purgenta Crossroads" and "The Retro Rocket".

    As for the camera ...
    I almost always use my sisters Nikon D80. But I didn't want to bring such a nice camera on a camping trip, so we brought our point and shoot. (It's a Fujifilm finepix J20) Normally I hate this camera, cuz the quality stinks. But everything was so beautiful I had to try taking pictures, and was SUPER surprised when some of them turned out beautifully! Most of the time they are blurry and too orange and just yucky in general. ;-P

    Hope that answers your questions!

  5. Beautiful post! I also love the pictures! Who wouldn't? :P
    I also went camping this summer, and it was a blast. :D
    In Christ,

  6. No. I haven't been anywhere this summer, and I never go camping. Lame, huh? Just thought I'd let you know.


    FYI: Camping in Tenessee is not what it is in MN. There are no lakes, and it is much more muggy. You have to pay to use the pool. Ick. But the Smokey Mountains make it all worth it!


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