Jun 28, 2011

Brace Freedom Day!

Today something BIG happened.
I got my braces off!



This is in the car this morning, heading to the Orthodontist. And yes, I had rainbow colored braces. :)

As soon as I sat down, the lady started snapping the braces off! I seriously didn't even know she was doing it until some of them were off already, it went so fast. Then they sanded off the glue left on my teeth with one of those drill things. It felt like a jack-hammer was going off inside my brain.

And then we had a party! Noise makers, maracas, confetti poppers, balloons, a bag of candy and treats which I'm allowed to eat again (even though I never really stopped. Shhh. Don't tell.), and pictures!

The lovely people who gave me a pretty smile:

These guys are so awesome. I know some kids hate going to the ortho, but not me!

Eating lunch was a pleasure today ... because food didn't get stuck in my teeth!
When we got home, I took some victory pictures in the back yard. Some of them even made it into the new header!

Tonight I plan on stuffing my face with popcorn. A whole GIANT bowl full, all for my lonesome. My mummy promised it to me a few months ago. :)

Btw, if you have braces, keep it up and never fear! Braces are totally worth it.
Note that the "totally" is bold, underlined, AND italicised. Good stuff!

And if you don't have braces ... do me a favor an enjoy some popcorn today. Or an apple. Or corn on the cob. Or sticky food. And run your tongue over your teeth and feel how smooth they are. And love how easy it is to slide floss between your teeth! Seriously, flossing with braces on? Major pain.

Enjoy the little things, ya'll! You'd miss 'em if you didn't have 'em.

Happy day, everyone!


  1. Hey, you're cute!!



  2. Congratulations!! A couple years ago, I was exactly where you were. ;) I loved going to the orthodontist too. I say 'loved' because I recently got released. It was a bitter sweet day.

    I love your photos and your new header! You are just so cute!


  3. congratulations! you're so adorable.. not that you weren't just as cute before ;)
    that's going to be me in 2 weeks!! SO excited.


  4. Way to go on the braces. I have never had them, and I am very thankful for my well behaved enamel.
    I think that popcorn sounds absolutely spiffing.

  5. Congratulations! And your new header/tagline is totally ador(k)able. Love it!

  6. YAAAAAAAY FOR NO MORE BRACES!!! :D Love the pics and your new header deary!! (Btw, I'm home for a week...hint hint...)

  7. Gah! Charming newness! The new header is absolutely smashing!

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll go eat something sticky or gooey soon. No problemo.


  8. Your smile is absolutely gorgeous! I remember the glorious day I had my braces removed. It's such an amazing feeling! :)



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