Jun 6, 2011

Turning Pro!!

Guess what ya'll?? My bro is starting a business called Turning Pro! Crazy crazy. Why? Cuz now all my siblings have either a.) gotten married, b.) graduated from college, c.) started their own business, or d.) all three, in the case of my oldest brother.
And then there's me. Woof. It's rather interesting being the youngest sometimes ... but mostly a very good kind of interesting. :)

Anyways. You should check out my younger-of-the-two-brother's new business! He makes crazy cool stuff out of wood:

Feel free to comment on any of his stuff, favorite on Etsy, like on Facebook ... or not. Whatevah you feel like. Just don't be shy. ;)

Etsy shop


Facebook fan page


  1. Good for your brother. I especially love the footed bowl. I have my own lathe gathering dust in my parents' basement. I wish seeing your brother's work would inspire me to get to work!! ;)

  2. I am inspired to hunt...so I can get some antlers...so I can break a family tradition and give them to Ben. Ahhhh, for november. In fact, I'm going (not poaching, never fear) to see if we have any on hand already. Ahhhhh. Me loves me pen. :)


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