Apr 9, 2011

Ring, ring!

Reason #426 why I love thrift stores:

Being able to find an uber epic elephant ring for $2.49!
Oh, yeaaahh. :)

Linking up to Danielle's Fashion Friday.


  1. I for sure have to go there and get one!! <3

  2. Whoa! I love when i get such cool things for hardly any money! It makes my day :D

  3. That is absolutely the epic-est elephant I have seen in all me born days.

  4. I LOVE elephants and actually collect them! I even have an elephant tattoo... that is my love of pachyderms. I am lucky enough to have a future sister-in-law who works at a zoo, so I got to feed real elephants and wash them too! So it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway... I LOVE this ring! :)


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