Apr 23, 2011

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

This year we tried something new, dying eggs with natural stuff!
We started out with tons of hard boiled eggs, brown and white ones.

Then we cut up purple cabbage and boiled it.

After straining the juice, and adding a fourth a cup of vinegar, we had one dye ready.

We did the same thing with beets.

We also made strong tea as a dye.

We put rubber bands around a few eggs to block the dye and create stripes.

 And then it was time to put them into the dye! Besides beets, purple cabbage and tea, we also put some powdered turmeric in water with vinegar for a yellow dye. And we made two dyes from boiling different kinds of onion skins, adding vinegar to each dye.
Below is yellow onion skin dye.

And the beet dye!

We figured out [the hard way] that you need to put the eggs in veeerrryy gently. Otherwise you get a big splat of juice on the floor. :)

The finished products! I love how the eggs from each dye came out different shades than each other. So cool.

Turmeric dye:

Red onion skin dye. They almost look wooden, don't they?

Purple cabbage dye:
(I LOVE the color of the one sitting on top, and
       the robins egg blue one in the bottom left corner. Also, check out the emu egg colored one on bottom!

Tea dye, kinda didn't work very well:

Yellow onion skin dye! Made a gorgeous orange.

Beet dye. Look at all the different shades of red, pink and purple!

All of them:

I love the blue and white one sitting on top to the left.

Doesn't this one look like lava?


I love how all the colors are so rich and earthy and natural. So much more beautiful to my eyes than fake color.
Do you have a favorite thing to do at Easter?

I felt I should end with something meaningful for this glorious holiday, but I don't really know what to say that hasn't been said before. I'm just so thankful for Christ and his life.
I love the words in this song. It's says so much so perfectly.

I hope you all have a beautiful Easter!


  1. Those are all so cool! :) Happy Easter! :)

  2. Spectacular eggs! Great creativity. We didn't dye eggs this year. SAD DAY.

  3. Happy Easter! I love the eggs!

  4. These are so cool, the colors are so nice, they look like very classy easter eggs.

  5. Those are fantastic! I love those shades much more than the dyes you can buy :)

  6. these are beautiful. I am going to do this tomorrow with my three-year-old!


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