Oct 2, 2012

Instant grilled apple cheese sandwich!

Reason #9600534 that I like pinterest: it introduced me to the sideways toaster. 
Set a toaster on it's side and boom! Instant grilledness!

I made my grilled sandwich with sliced green apples and shredded cheese. Mmmmm.

And if you decide to try this, just don't ... you know ... put the toaster on the edge of the counter. Otherwise, well, when it pops the sandwich will sort of shoot out and, *cough* you know ...


But hey! 
One of them worked! 
And it was delicious.
Especially with Trader Joe's roasted red pepper tomato soup.

Healthy autumny meal that's super easy and fast and delicious? AND makes you feel scathingly brilliant when you turn the toaster on its side and run around the house telling everyone to come see the awesomeness??

Count me in.


  1. Mmmm the last picture looks simply divine. :9 What a neat idea! Thanks for letting us know about it. ;)

  2. You are too funny. Oops. Did the dog benefit?

  3. Looks very tasty, I like the sound of apples and cheese!

    le fresne x

  4. Hahaha....love it. Love that the sandwich shot out of the toaster...makes for an excellent story!

  5. what! this is crazy good thanks for sharing

  6. Hahaha I definitely laughed at the floor comment! And I love that you pictured it! Looks delicious though!

  7. I feel like I just had a life-changing revelation. I never thought to do this...and I love your idea! :)

  8. Oh, yummy!

    Thank you for the sweet comment on our blog! Hope you have a lovely day!
    XO, Elsie + Emma

  9. this looks so, so good! i will have to remember to try this in my quest for the perfect lunch. xx

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)
    Oh yum, this is such a great idea. Pinterest is such a great place for finding new foods. Definitely need to try this out!

    X i x i a ❥ thisisxixia.com

  11. Heeeeey, that's not your table, that's your cutting board. -_-

    And I know where you got it, too.

    Ha! Take that.

    Oh, and Pinterest is brilliant. But I suppose I have you to thank for sharing the idea, no? No.


    Ok, thanks.

  12. New follower alert!
    Dude. That. is. amazing.
    I'm so going to try this.
    & This has to be one of the best blog posts ever.
    God bless!

  13. Pinterest...yes it's awesome!! Same as your tutorial ... amazing..

    p.s you're inspiring Inna^^


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