Jun 28, 2012

Separating air plant pups!

So ya'll might know about my lovely air plant already.
I posted about its bloom here and its pup here.
{Side note: goodness, I think my photography has improved since then! O_o}

Anyways, today was another big day for my plant!
The pup was ready to separate from the mother! :)

If you ever happen to have an air plant that needs separating (hey, it could happen!), here's how: 

First of all make sure the pup is relatively big ... enough to survive by itself.
Pinch it gently at the base of the new plant and pull. You might have to twist and wiggle it slightly. But be gentle! It should pull off pretty easily.

A closeup of where the pup used to be:

Ta-da! One plant is now two. 
It really is rather magical, you know ...

Oh, and I decided to display my new plant in a hollowed out light bulb. ;)

Have you done anything little but cool lately?


  1. Love the little pup in the lightbulb...so cool!

  2. LOVE. Sounds like such a cool plant. I also love the lightbulb idea. Anything little but cool? Hmmm...I made applesauce brownies?? :D

  3. Hmmm. The last little cool thing I did was my bun this morning...that counts, rght? Because I have little else to call upon that's really cool. :-/ So I'll just keep reading the blog.


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