Feb 8, 2012

Air plant pup!

Guess what?? 
My Tillandsia air plant is growing a pup! 
(Yes, baby air plants really are called pups. Epic, right??)

I just noticed it a couple days ago. I'm kinda surprised I didn't see it sooner, cuz it's already like half and inch long. However ... it does blend in pretty well. So maybe not so surprising after all. :)

Air plants start growing pups after they bloom. Mine bloomed over a year ago, and the pup is just now getting big!

It's still attached to the mother plant. I'll leave it on for a few more months until it's big enough to survive by itself. 

Btw, those silverish white "scales" are called trichomes. They protect the plant from too much sun by reflecting light. And they also absorb and conserve water since the plant doesn't have roots! When the leaf is wet, they fill up with water and therefore don't reflect as much light, making the plant look greener. As the trichomes dry out, the plant becomes silvery again! Air plants are so odd ... which is the main reason I like them so much. :)

I am very excited about this pup. Perhaps more than is strictly necessary...
but that's ok. :)

What things are you excited about lately?


  1. Hihi that is so cute! I'm actually super excited about my birthday party! (the day after tomorrow) I can't wait!

  2. Wow, so cool! I love that plant.


  3. Ohh, how wonderful! <3 It is a truly incredible looking plant!

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  4. Hey, just discovered your blog. =) I'm loving your "Dear Person" posts :D

  5. Hello! What do you think who are your blog's common subscribers?


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