Feb 1, 2012

Because grapefruit is better peeled.

The flavor improves.

True story.

Individual cells, swollen with sweet citrus juice. They pull apart form each other as I roll a section around my mouth, smooth, cool, firm. I press my tongue to the roof of my mouth and they burst. Flavor squirts.

Yup, I do love me some grapefruit.
And it's so purty, too!
Check out those fantastic colors! I find them very apeeling. {chuckle}


Have you ever peeled a grapefruit? 


  1. We have a special thing at home to unpeel a grapefruit, and then I eat it on a bit a strange way. Maybe I should take pictures to explain this. But oooh it tastes so good.. Especially with a little bit of sugar on top.. Mmmh.

    1. Hi Elisse, you really should take some pictures! I love grapefruit, so it would be fun to see a new way to eat it!

  2. I...have never peeled a grapefruit. Does an orange count? They taste better.

  3. these pictures look sooo delicious. makes me want a grapefruit right now!

  4. I'm going to have to try this! It's just so much work though! Haha. Cool pictures!


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