Dec 21, 2011

of presents and rear view mirrors

I've been having a lot of fun getting fancy with my present wrapping this week. So I thought I'd share my favorite!

I simply tied a ribbon around the present, added a tissue paper flower and a sprig I cut off of our Christmas greenery. (Shhh. Don't tell.) For the flower I basically just scrunched up silver tissue paper and shaped it into a circle. I would do a tutorial on it, but ... it would be pretty boring. It's rather self-explanatory. :)
So there you go. Your present wrapping inspiration for the day. Merry Christmas! ;)

Oh, and if you ever want to take an interesting photo of yourself, may I suggest a rear view mirror portrait? They are rather fun, don't you know. Especially if you're wearing a Santa hat. Even if it doesn't show much.

And yes, I realize this post is kinda random and pointless.


  1. There is a point to everything. Even if the point be pointless.

    Besides. We were amused. And I secretly think that may have been your point afterall.

    Oll Korrect?

  2. That wrapping is gorgeous! Love it. Oh, and that last picture is awesome. ;)

  3. Lovely it for me? :)


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