Dec 23, 2011

Not your average cookies.

Because gingerbread sugar cookie men are way more fun when they're partially "eaten" and decorated accordingly. :)

Notice the smug one on bottom? He won't be smiling long. His time is coming. 

And yes, I think these are all rather hilarious. And yes, I realize my sense of humor is a bit whacked. But I'm ok with that.

Oh, and ever wonder what a reindeer x-ray looks like? 
Because, I mean, who hasn't wondered that at one point or another??
Well, wonder no more!
(Decorated by me mother.)

Aaaand just so you don't have nightmares about decapitated cookie men and reindeer x-rays, I'll leave you with something a little prettier. :)
I tried to make the top one look like ocean waves ... kinda worked. My bro made the purple and white one.

Have you decorated cookies this year?


  1. The first cookies made me smile...but that may prove my sense of humor to be whacked, too. Oh, well. ;)

  2. love your photos and the cookies look so good :)

  3. Oh! Give me nightmares about eaten sugar cookie men and hospitalized reindeer anytime. :D


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