Jan 27, 2014

Thrifted Dress --> Infinity Scarves

Sunday afternoon and it was blizzarding out. What to do, what to do. 
After pacing around for an hour or so I finally sat down with a project I've been meaning to do for a long time. It's the sitting-down-to-start part of projects that always gets me. Once I'm working it's fun, I just have to get through a lot of resistance first. :P 
Creativity probs. 

Anyway, this is a dress that I thrifted agggessssss ago. I originally wanted to restyle it into a skirt that fit properly, but quickly decided that was too much work. (I'm kinda really super lazy. Don't tell.) 

Sooooo ... I decided for an easier use of this cute fabric. Infinity scarves!

First I cut off the band on top.

Then I separated the lining from the outside with a seam ripper.

And here they are, two pre-looped infinity scarves!
Super easy.

I could have just left it there, but the raggedy edges were kinda bothering me. (Laziness and perfectionism is an unfortunate combination, let me tell you.)
And besides, I had already gone through all the work to set up my sewing machine. Couldn't let that go to waste. ;)

I just did a super easy hemmety-hem-hem. Didn't even bother putting in pins. Cuz I'm such a good seamstress. (Read: Too much work. Am I sensing a theme here?)

After the hemming, I went back over it and snipped the raw edges as close to the seam as I could. Gotta make it look neat, wot. 

And ta-da! A cute candy-striped infinity scarf. 

Worn doubled: 

Even the lining made a cute summer-weight white scarf! 
[Aannnd this is where I started having too much fun with weird lighting, focus, framing, and photo combinations. Oops.]

And project bonus! The drawstring makes a cute headband. :)

Overall, this was a super simple and fun afternoon project. Plus, using a thrift-store item is one of the cheapest ways to get cute fabric!
Have you ever remade a thrifted item?


  1. I'm in the process of remaking some sheets into a duvet cover for a down bedspread.

    Apparently, we have some similar issues. I started, but I can't seem to "restart" (read, pick up where I left off.)
    Lazy? That too. I haven't even put the sewing machine away from last time.
    Creative? Hopefully. But super lazy.

    Anyway, good woork, missy. You actually did it.

    Oh, and it looks adorable.
    Yayzers. :D

  2. Nice! And yes, I have. A lot actually. Lately I've done some more alterations but I don't feel like they're 'big' enough to blog about or show them, so I don't :p But I still wear them proudly, of course! Oh and your hairstyle is still sooooo great! It suits you so well!

  3. "Laziness and perfectionism is an unfortunate combination . . ." You just described me and my creative process in a single phrase. Isn't it the WORST?

  4. These scarves are gorgeous! Seriously wonderful.

  5. Setting up my sewing machine always seems a barrier somehow, that is not very easy to cross. Once I've finally did it, I can do a lot of projects in one go. It's just so hard to get there... These scarves are lovely by the way!

  6. Simple and chic, am trying this out now! :)


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