Mar 19, 2013

Minnesota in the springtime

To everyone who was impressed with the amount of snow in my last post


try this on for size:

Welcome to Minnesota, March 19th! T-minus one day and counting until the calendar says it's officially spring. Woop!
There's just something about the springtime that warms my heart ... *sigh*

I think, however, there is perhaps a slight problem with "spring" when the dog is walking by at eye level...

At this point, cabin fever has set in with such vengeance that none of us know whether to laugh hysterically or to cry in a dark corner or to simply feast our eyes hungrily on anything that is green. (Hence the eye-popping color of my jacket.)

I have decided I'm so desperate that if I were to see a daffodil right now, I would probably eat it out of deranged joy. :)


  1. Wow! I don't know if I'm feeling jealous or sorry for you. Heehee, you look sooo excited in that last photo ;)

  2. Oh. Wow. That's seriously impressive! I love your comment about the daffodil. I cracked up reading this post. :)

  3. Wow, that's LOTS of snow!! But you seem to enjoy it, hence the last photo. Haha. Well I hope spring will soon come! (Not only the date but also the temperatures!)

  4. That's so crazy. It's like you live in the North Pole! I love snow but I can understand that you must be longing for it to melt!


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