Sep 17, 2012

Sometimes you forget // knitting inspiration

Sometimes you forget about the things you enjoy.
You get so caught up in school and work and stuff that needs to get done that you forget. And when you take a break from the monotony you automatically go online and browse around and blur your brain and you forget.
You forget the way knitting relaxes you, letting your mind wander and think things through as you go rhythmically around and around. The way it makes you feel accomplished and refreshed and creative and nostalgic. 
You forget.

But then one day ... you rediscover. 
And boy, is it good.

Mustard cowl
:: 29" No. 11 circular needles :: 4 ply yarn, doubled :: 60 stitches :: knit 2 purl 2 ::

What joys have you forgotten that you can rediscover?


  1. Such a pretty yellow color! I really ought to learn how to knit. It's been on my list for a while.

  2. So cute and I am getting more and more fond of that shade of yellow. I have tried to teach myself how to crochet but didn't practice and keep at it like I know I should have. Knitting looks fun too!


  3. Very Cute! I love the pictures!


  4. This is gorgeous! I think I'm going to make it soon :)

  5. Lovely! I want to try and make it. I crochet much better than I knit, but this looks like fun.

  6. A great post, thank you for the reminder, to rediscover, to relax and enjoy. Love the leaves and the yarn all curled up together.
    Rosie t R.

  7. What a gorgeous color/collar!! Inna, you did such a great job! I should really knit more often!

  8. Gosh I can relate to forgetting the things you enjoy...and the blurring your mind with internet. Things I have recently forgotten... Writing. Scrapbooking. Letter writing. Craft making. Fun things like that.
    Great post!


  9. Reading in the morning before I get up. Somehow it always gives me energy. Plus I have a new book. Or three.

  10. Love this. I've been looking for a simple little knitting project to get me back into the swing of it- I might make my own (maybe in bottle green?) thanks for inspiring me :) great post!


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