May 2, 2012

Bike ride in Holland

The day after Aalsmeer we biked around the area and just explored. There is so much gorgeous scenery, it's ridiculous!
I'm mostly gonna let the photos speak for themselves in this post. Mostly. ;)

Houses with individual bridges over the canals.

Signs of spring: lammetjes! (Little lambs) 

This is very typical Dutch.
These trees are called Knotwilg, and they're everywhere!They're basically willow trees that are cut back every few years. Makes me feel all nostalgic seeing them again...


These trees are also pretty common. I think the bark looks like camouflage. :)

 Knotwilg and canals. *Sigh*

Yes. This is a road. And yes, the paths on either side are for just bikers. Cars get to fight over the single car lane. ;)

Special stoplights just for bikes. 
Are you noticing a bit of a bike theme in these posts??
At most intersections there are three separate paths and stoplights. One for cars, one for bikers, and one for pedestrians.  

Dutch minivans. *Wink*

I once saw one of these bucket things with like, 4 little kids in it. :)

And lastly, perfectly trimmed trees. 
Dutch people know how to garden, yo.

More later! 


  1. Lovely pictures once again. Looking forward to more photos of your trip to les Pays-Bas ;)

  2. Wow! Looks like such a beautiful place!

  3. That must have been AMAZING!!!!! Holland looks so beautiful!

  4. Those knotwilg look like make-up brushes, upside down. Methinks I want some. You ddin't bring any back, did you? Bummer.

    You know I'm beginning to wish I was within biking distance of something more than...the neighbor. If I could walk and bike places to, say, go to the library or get groceries, I definitely would.

  5. Love those lammetjes! So cute! And I love the Dutch mini-van. Hehe...some day I want one of those. Beautiful pictures!

  6. The nest - I'd want to live in one for a day or two. Except for the bird poop. Okay, never mind.

    I came here from Lauren's blog - what a plethora of pics of pretty places you have - totally enjoyed lurking here for a bit.



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