Mar 2, 2012

Hawaiian Blizzard :: Winter Ice Cream

March 1st.
DQ opens.
Minnesotans rejoice!

Why? Because it is now spring!!

Sure, it's below freezing.
Sure, we stand in line wearing winter coats.
Sure, there's snow on the ground.
But guess what?
Those things are totally irrelevant. :)

There's an air of excitement and celebration. Everyone's laughing, licking cones and shivering. It's a very, very good day!

I tried me a Hawaiian Blizzard. Cuz I like trying new things. :)

Later it struck me how appropriate that oxymoron of a name was. 
A blizzard in Hawaii & ice cream in Minnesota in March.
Good stuff.

What fun things have you done this week?


  1. I went there too! :) I had me an Oreo blizzard. We should go there together some time!

  2. LOL I love eating ice cream in the winter too! Except i'm not sure if I would be able to go to DQ and eat it outside. :)

  3. Mmm... I lovelove blizzards! I've never tried eating one in the snow before, but it is now going to be a goal of mine. :D

  4. Ice cream in winter is... Amazing! Lol. You're almost at 100 followers! Keep it up!

  5. Hmmm. I snowboarded in March.

    And I forgot to go outside and give Winter a solid hollering-at on Thursday - March 1st. I shoulda done it. She'd have been intimidated.

  6. I scrreeeeaaammmmm. Oh wait, it's the other kind. I had green tea ice cream today. It was super good. I have a quick question. Can I put a link to your blog on my blog?


    1. Your answer is in a comment, awaiting moderation. :)


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