Feb 13, 2011

A ball & egg penguins ... :)

I had such a ball yesterday! Cuz I went to a ball. 
Heh! I'm so punny. ;)
No, that's punny, not puny. There's a difference.
And yes, we really did go to a ball!
Some of our friends hosted it at their place. There must have been around a hundred people there, and every one of them was all dressed up!
We did the Virginia Reel, Scottish Polka, Pattycake Polka, Waltz, and Posties (favorite!!).  I can't even tell you how much fun it was.
A HUGE thank you to the family who hosted it (you know who you are.)
But, alas, I have no photographs of this delightful occasion (tragic, really). And seeing as no matter how much I gush about it, you won't understand how much fun it was (unless you were there) I've decided to show you the hors d'oeuvres we brought! Because I do have pictures of those. :)

Hard boiled egg penguins! Aren't they cute?

Cut a baby carrot in half for the feet. Put one baby carrot into an olive for the head, cut one olive in half for the wings. Attach everything with bits of toothpick.
Just don't eat the toothpicks by accident. :)

And a headless penguin. Just cuz. ;)


  1. AHAHA... those are so cute! They definitely made my day!!

    That's awesome that your sis lets you use her equipment. I should get me one of them older sister photographers. ;) I have a point and shoot camera... I like to take pictures but I haven't done anything with my photography for a while. I do like it though. :D It's a good way to express myself.

    Haha! YES! I love that scene where Max is singing You Are My Sunshine. I laughed so hard! :P I love Penelope's costumes too - and I want a swing in my bedroom! :P

    Also, I like your name Inna. It's so unique! My real name is Kylie - but Sky is my nickname, so call me either. It doesn't matter. :D

    -Sky/lie ;)

  2. I like the headless one best. He must feel so lost. Poor lonely penguin, standing there (brutally mutilated by his cruel creator) without ever knowing if anybody is near him, if anybody likes him, what he looks like, what he should look like. You had no idea when you made him that he felt this way, did you, Miss Inna?

    *Accusing glare.*

  3. Hey, I gave him a head AND wings after I took the pic, OK?

  4. Those looked way too good to eat...or so I thought. You didn't bring any home did you?

  5. They were all devoured except for one deformed one. ;)


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