Nov 26, 2010

Stuff and randoms...

Ahhh sad day. I wanted to take some pictures of things to post about, but my sister took all of her cameras with her today so I am left without a way to take pics! Ugh. What kind of sister takes her OWN cameras ... well, uh. Yeah. I guess it kinda makes sense. Never mind. :)
So anyways. It's time for a new post, but since I can't post any pictures that I've taken, I'll post some stuff and randoms for your entertainment. :)

1. This video is pretty sweet. :)

2. Ever wondered how to get to the USA from China?? Well wonder no more. My brother showed me how on Google Maps. And I shall tell you. After a lot of "Turn left on ramp blah blah blah" and "Take the exit" and stuff like that, the directions say this (and I kid you NOT):
"Turn left at Kuilima Dr.
Turn right.
Kayak across the Pacific Ocean"


Erm ... what was that last one again??? o_O
*Bursts out laughing*
That's epic. :-D

3. Ever heard of a Gerenuk? No?
I hadn't either.
But it's a real animal! Isn't it cute??? I gasped when I saw a picture of it for the first time. Just look at those stick legs!

4. While we're on the subject of weird animals, how about an Okapi? I just love crazy animals. :)

 5. And one last crazy animal for you. The Zedonk. And no, I am not making this up. And no, neither did Dr. Seuss. A Zedonk is half zebra, half donkey. And my reaction is half "o_O" and half "Awwwee". :)

(All the animal pics I got off of Google)

6. Watch this flash mob! Just in case you are totally out of the loop, a flash mob is basically when hundreds of people rehearse a performance of some kind, usually a silly song or dance, in secret. And then they go into a random place like a park or train station and start performing! It's HILARIOUS to watch people's reactions!!!! I was sitting at the computer all by myself watching this one, giggling out loud. Wheeeee!!!! XD
Totally and seriously want to be in a flash mob. Really badly! I just love all the energy, the randomness and the happiness! Hahahah! :)

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