Oct 25, 2010


I would like you all to meet my new pet, Woolton! He's a Woolly Bear Caterpillar, in case you couldn't tell. :) I'm keeping him in an old, dry aquarium filled with grass and twigs and stuff, outside. He's becoming rather grouchy and sleepy, because it's almost time to start hibernating. He'll hibernate until spring, when he will become a Isabella Tiger Moth!
Yesterday he was very active, but now I think he's too sleepy. He seemed to be protesting when I had to pick him up for pictures. :) He's hardly moved all day. At first I thought he had died, but no. I saw him move a little at least. *Whew!*

 I think I'll keep him in the garage this winter. It's cold enough to feel natural to him, but not so cold that he'll freeze solid. Which is a good thing. :)

 I love this picture below! Just look at his spikes and his tiny suction cup feet!

P.S. I appologize if any of you are of the sqeamish sort. :)


  1. *Gasp!* Awwwwe, he's so cute!

    Hey there Woolton! Sorry about those pictures, but I must say, you're quite photogenic! You pose beautifully!!! Lovely photos. Enjoy hibernating!

  2. Haha- Woolton! I love it! :)

  3. Of course! It's just so love-able! Pardon, that's "he".

  4. Well, lovable Woolton is now snuggled into a bed of dry leaves, with a heap of leaves on top, inside his tank. It's in the greenhouse now, cold ... but warmer than just plain outside. :)

  5. Well, NOW Woolton is in the garage. Because the greenhouse was literally blowing away (!). Man, what is going on with the weather??
    Poor little Woolton. All he wants is to be left alone in peace and quiet to hibernate. But noooo. Big old Inna has to keep moving him around! :(

  6. Poor likkle fella. And him so sleepy too. I can't imagine the annoyance.


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