Dec 15, 2010

Wally World Shopper

Yesterday in Walmart I saw lady with short gray hair. And she was quite the character! Especially her outift.

--- Purple ear muffs

--- Black leather jacket

--- Gray plaid shorts. Ummmm? Shorts? In, ummm winter? In THIS state??? o_O

--- Knee high socks with Christmas trees on them

--- Tennis shoes

This lady was a very brisk shopper. She seemed very in control, doing the power walk up and down isles. And such a character demanded her own personal page in my journal! I rather approve of ridiculosity.

So ummmm ... does anyone else find it creepy that I journaled about a complete stranger? No? *Whew* Good!


  1. Creepy? No! Why? I think it's fabulous! Rediculous! Perfect enaction of that Einstein-ish painting we roared (with laughter) at! Somewhat akin to running and sliding down the school halls in nylons and a choir robe, (I will do that as a Senior, just clarifying.)

  2. *Whew!* SO glad to hear you'll do that as a senior. If you ever get boring as you age, well I'll ... I'll disown you! ;)
    Btw, could you tell me exactly what that sign said? I loved it, but I kinda forgot the exact wording, and I'd like ta have it...

  3. Um...
    The first part went something like "Madness is brilliance...something is something...and (here I quote) It is better to be absolutely rediculous than to be absolutely boring."

    I'll try to read it again for you. Don't visit that hall often though.

  4. The quote, my dear: "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
    — Marilyn Monroe


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