Dec 7, 2010


Wait. What's this? TWO posts in one day??
"Oh my goodness gracious, Inna, what is up with that?!"
"Oh my goodness gracious, blog reader, I just happened to have two blog worthy things today! So deal with it!"


*Ahem* I just finished knitting a new pair of mittens! And now I'm going to work on a hat. And the hat will be an amazing lemongrass color that looks stunning with the plummy purple. 
And if you don't believe me, you'll just have to hope I post a picture of my finished hat and mittens together!
They'll look great with my new black winter coat. (Which I got for $5 dollars. *Happy sigh* I do so love the Salvation Army)
[Edit: Never did make the hat. Oops. :P]


  1. *Gasp* No fair! Here I sit, researching for a five page essay (note in passing, I absolutely ADORE research...) while you brag about *Plum-purple mittins and lemon-grass hat, with you simply smashin new coat!* Oof! That's a lot to take.

    He he. You didn't take ALL of that seriously...did you? GOOD!

  2. Ummm, yes Storyfingers (?), I did take that all seriously. And I'm very offended.

    JK! OK, like seriously? I think I've known you long enough to realize that I should never take anything you say seriously.

    OK, well almost everything. :)

  3. Actually, that "GOOD" Was for if you HAD taken it seriously. Hmph. Nobody understands me. They probably don't love me either. I'll just go dogs. Worms are disgusting.


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